Monday, January 18, 2010

A Pretty One for the Masses

I tend to want to create jewelry rich with texture.  Ok, I don't tend, I make jewelry rich with texture.  I have a huge collection of hammers & I always am on the look out for more.  A girl can never have enough hammers!   One of my favorite ways to display these textures is to put an oxidation patina with brushed or matte surface on the piece.  While I am extremely attracted to things with this type of finish, I find that not everyone is.  People generally respond to shiny bright things more positively than the "dirty" looking (as my mom calls the look I strive to capture!)  So, for you magpies out there, here is one for the masses:

Ring a Day Challenge, "Sangria," 15/365, 14 karat yellow & white gold, 1.37ct oval Rubellite Tourmaline.

All of the amazing artists participating in the Ring a Day Challenge can be seen on Flickr.

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