Monday, March 31, 2008

Blue Balls

I now have ventured into felt "beads" or "balls" as my husband calls them. I inadvertently chose an electric blue color for my first set. Needless to say, they are affectionately called "blue balls" by everyone who checks them out.

The main lot of them ended up in a necklace with faceted black spinel, apatite & labradorite beads. Couple of the pieces ended up in cute little dangle earrings. I have made several other ones that are yet to be finished into jewelry. Kinda experimented with the Dr Seuss crazy cool shapes & colors. They are fun & playful & have gotten a good response from most people. Some are just curious because they are little blue balls! Others are fascinated at the fact that they are wool.

I have several other ideas still brewing... It's still been hard to shut off my brain. Now to find the time.

I made my first couple of sales on Etsy! First one to a girl in Portugal of all places! Gotta love the Internet!

I keep sketching, dreaming, thinking of my desire to just create & forget about the need to make money to support my family. But reality is ever present & I must go make the dough, not the art. Maybe someday....

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Adventures in felt

Okay, here it goes. My first official blog.

Ever since I posted my first items to Etsy on March 4, my mind has been on create mode. I can't stop thinking about making things. I am not just talking about jewelry, my usual medium of choice, I am talking sewing, felting, jewelry... I really need to be doing "work" stuff for tax time, but I can't seem to turn my brain off. I am having a hard time even sleeping. Which is very unusual for me. I'm a champ in the sleep department.

So the quest begins as to where to I put these ideas swirling in my head. I choose felt as my first adventure.

I have successfully created two pieces of flat handmade felt. My son helped a little. He couldn't resist the soap, water & wool business going on in the bathroom. They look okay. I was pleasantly surprised that they actually held together. Now what to do with the pieces...

I love the "manics" of being an artist. If I only had the time or another set of arms! Oh, the things I could create!