Sunday, November 6, 2011

Holiday Sneak Peek!

Somehow my life never seems to slow down.  As I head to the "busy" season, I hope that I am able to manage all that is thrown my way.  I usually do, but not without a freak out or two.

As part of the Blog Carnival with my fellow EtsyMetal team mates, we are all showing off what we have "in store" (pun intended) for the holidays!  Here are a few things I have ready to list in my Etsy shop:


 New Full Moon Hoops

 Moonstone 18K and Sterling Ring

Moonstone 18K & Sterling Silver Ring
Ruby 18K & Sterling Silver Ring

Diamond & 14K White Gold Ring

Clam Pearl Ring

Flower Saucer Slide Pendant

Cherry Creek Jasper Pendant

Zen Amethyst Branch Flower Pearl Necklace

Zen Pod Ring
 Zen Prehenite Ring

In addition to many more finished pieces that are awaiting to be photographed, I am working on some new things carved in wax.  I am enjoying utilizing the knowledge I gained at Kate Wolf's Workshop.  My mind swirls around with ideas constantly, but I am trying to focus on a few at once as to not scatter myself and lose focus on the complete idea.  I hope to develop more skill as I go to fully articulate these ideas that follow me wherever I go.  Current obsession is Mesoamerica symbols and developing my own system that reflects the language of these ancient civilizations.

Scallop Circle

Totem side 1

Totem side 2


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