Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some Gortex Thread and silver beads...

The past few days have been spent with my adorable children while my hubby went off to play with some old navy buddies.  Since I have been participating in the Ring a Day Challenge, I have managed to get a ring made each day.  I knew I'd be away from the studio with the kiddos so I had a new challenge on my hands.  Making a ring without my precious tools.   I grabbed my gortex thread, some beads, pliers (only tool used besides my crochet hook) & went to work!

"Ring Around the Rosey" on right, "Pocket Full of Poseies" on left.

I kinda like this thinking outside the box.  I will revisit this later for further exploration (in all my spare time.)

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Love Playdates!

My precious daughter Ruby, I love with all my heart.  BUT, she is a handful.  Very curious, extremely creative.  She can make anything a toy.  We joke that she would be happy with a box of paperclips & rubber bands versus the money spent on the latest toy.  I needed to get into the studio for a bit to work on a custom cufflink & tuxedo stud set during my weekend alone with the kids.  I stocked up popcorn, movies, Kid Cuisine, chocolate, toys and got ready to go to the studio with the kiddies.  Hopeful that I would survive at least four hours, I got a phone call that Ruby's classmate would like her over for a playdate.  While I am not a great host for playdates, I am grateful that other parents like to have them.  Perfect timing!  Ruby off to her playdate, Max stocked up on movies & snacks, I was ready to go.  Between firings and drying time during enameling, I was able to create this ring.

 "Maltese Cross Relic," 14 karat gold, sterling silver, 17/365.

It's one of my favorites so far.  I keep making all of them in my size so I can photograph them on a finger.   At least that's what I keep telling myself.  I love the subtle texture of the band.  Wanna keep up on the rest of the participants? Check them out here on Flickr!

A Pretty One for the Masses

I tend to want to create jewelry rich with texture.  Ok, I don't tend, I make jewelry rich with texture.  I have a huge collection of hammers & I always am on the look out for more.  A girl can never have enough hammers!   One of my favorite ways to display these textures is to put an oxidation patina with brushed or matte surface on the piece.  While I am extremely attracted to things with this type of finish, I find that not everyone is.  People generally respond to shiny bright things more positively than the "dirty" looking (as my mom calls the look I strive to capture!)  So, for you magpies out there, here is one for the masses:

Ring a Day Challenge, "Sangria," 15/365, 14 karat yellow & white gold, 1.37ct oval Rubellite Tourmaline.

All of the amazing artists participating in the Ring a Day Challenge can be seen on Flickr.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tiny Bubbles

Thinking creatively everyday is something I like to do.  Some days are more successful than others.  I have been enjoying the Ring a Day Challenge so far and have been able to keep up with the challenge.  It gets my brain moving in the right direction.  I wanted to devote only a portion of my day working on this project but today got the better of me and I had to finish ring #14.  I am glad I put forth the effort and got 'er done!  I really like how it turned out.

Even the back is fun!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ring A Day Project 2010

So blogging is something I always intend to do but never seem to have the time. During a gathering yesterday, a friend and fellow metalsmith, Tracey, actual said I was the busiest person she knows.  I suppose I am a wee bit busy these days but I decided to take on another project to add to the mix.

I am participating in a project called "Ring A Day" with several other metalsmiths and jewelers across the world.  The objective is to make a ring each day for a year out of whatever material you find interesting, appealing or intriguing.  Yes, that is right.  365 rings.  Some have created very elaborate detailed designs out of gemstones and precious metal while others have taken the simple found object approach using rubber bands, paper or twisted plastic. I look forward to exploring each member's  solution to the challenge.  The project just began Jan 1, 2010 with a little over 115 members posting images of their wonderful creations on Flickr.  It is not to late to jump on the horse and giddy up with us!  The group grows each day and welcomes new members to the group.

I find that an exercise like this teaches and reminds me the discipline needed in keeping focused. Making a ring a day also is challenging me to think creatively whether I want to or not. With 10 days under my belt, I am finding that I am looking forward to what I am going to do each day.   I also figure this is a good excuse to keep up with the blogging.   Here is the first 10 days of my rings on Flickr:
Ring A Day 2010~Renee Ford/Panicmama Jewelry.