Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've waited 17 years for you...

17 years wishing for a rolling mill. Much too long to wait for something you now can't live without! The stand came in a unbelievable beat up box & the rolling mill in a lightly battered box with "heavy" labels all over it. The UPS guy waited until I opened it to see if all was okay & to take a gander at what it was a was so giddy about!

Well, in a word, BEAUTIFUL! Just steel & some gears, but man, what a gorgeous sight! I am very excited to get it bolted to the floor & stand. I sent my dear hubby to the hardware store for a cement drill bit & bolts within 15 minutes of receiving the mill. It's his project for the next two days. (I hope that it will only take him a day to get me set up. I want to start rolling Fri!)

Here's the beauty herself...aren't you jealous? :) I know you are! I wonder what to name her...


  1. Great blog!
    I can relate to the excitment of new tools........hey it's what fuels us right brianed folks!