Monday, May 5, 2008

Life gives you lemons...really rotten ones!

It is amazing to one moment be happily crafting away & the next to be depressed as all get out! I've always embraced the idea of manic swings of being an artist, but sometimes it "gets" to you.

The dear hubby is on a "reorganization" binge & has been unearthing all those crafty things I never finished. How do I "forget" about these poor little ignored projects & move on to something else. I always start with good intentions, I just seem to loose interest or move on to the "new" idea. Maybe someday all these painting, sewing, card making, shrinky dinkying projects will get done. I am completing new jewelry at a pretty good rate lately. Maybe that's all the "time" my brain has to create & finish. It' s a wonder that I am getting anything done with all the other things I've been doing to help clean & straighten out the "reorganized" house/garage.

As the ups & downs of being creative come & go, I ponder "What's next?"

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