Saturday, March 15, 2008

Adventures in felt

Okay, here it goes. My first official blog.

Ever since I posted my first items to Etsy on March 4, my mind has been on create mode. I can't stop thinking about making things. I am not just talking about jewelry, my usual medium of choice, I am talking sewing, felting, jewelry... I really need to be doing "work" stuff for tax time, but I can't seem to turn my brain off. I am having a hard time even sleeping. Which is very unusual for me. I'm a champ in the sleep department.

So the quest begins as to where to I put these ideas swirling in my head. I choose felt as my first adventure.

I have successfully created two pieces of flat handmade felt. My son helped a little. He couldn't resist the soap, water & wool business going on in the bathroom. They look okay. I was pleasantly surprised that they actually held together. Now what to do with the pieces...

I love the "manics" of being an artist. If I only had the time or another set of arms! Oh, the things I could create!

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