Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wax Carving Workshop with Kate Wolf

 Carving from a tube of wax using layout techniques.  Pear shaped Green Beryl faceted gemstone.
 Carved detailing on side of wax for Green Beryl faceted gemstone.
 Lathe turned tiny vessel with matching lid for cabochon gemstone.
 All the projects worked on through Thursday of class.  Pear shaped ring is still looking like a block of wax tube.
The EtsyMetal crew with Kate Wolf. (l-r)Clare Stoker-Ring, Kate Wolf, Renee Ford (me,) Danielle Miller-Gilliam.

After a wonderful week spent in beautiful Portland, Maine, I am finally getting around to posting some pictures from my adventure.  I longed to take a class from Kate Wolf for several years.  I finally decided that the only way I was going to get any better at carving wax was to go learn technique versus hacking at a block and not accomplishing much.  

What an amazing experience it was to learn from Kate.  I was fortunate to have two great EtsyMetal companions, Danielle Miller-Gilliam  and Clare Stoker-Ring to share my wax carving experience.  Techniques were presented fast and furious, lots to try and use immediately.  Kate instructed with effortless ease, patience and attention to detail.  There were so many little tricks learned during the week that make daunting tasks happen with ease.   Kate has an ingenious and determined mind to finding solutions that make the process seem  so simple.  Tools are adapted on a regular basis to fit the needs of the project or the technique. In my opinion, there are no other wax carving tools on the market that even come close to comparing to Kate Wolf tools.

I feel so fortunate to have taken this class and had the opportunity to hang with some wonderfully talented people.  I know this class will lead me to push myself to new levels and bring my work to a more sculptural, three dimensional feel that I have longed for in my designs.  Keep watching to see what comes next!

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