Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have addictions that are bad for me... Thin crust pizza, french fries, soft caramels, Chicago style hot dogs, Newcastle beer, high heeled shoes, television, vanilla lattes. There is more, but no need to totally embarrass myself. I find that these things bring me comfort, moments of happiness, a sense of peace. Luckily, one addiction that I have doesn't have detrimental effects to my health is gemstones. I love them in all types, shapes, qualities & colors. Faceted, cabochons, beads, rough, name it, I love 'em!

Over the years I've collected & sold thousands of gemstone treasures. I currently have over 5000 loose stones in my inventory. I always seem to make room for more. Just like shoes, you can always squeeze one more pair into the collection. They inspire me to create. They reveal new ideas & designs just by being beautiful. They call to me. I covet them, I desire them, I need them.

I like to visit them in their little packages. These visits help me remember what inspired me to possess them. Find that spark that bought a sparkle to my eye the first time I laid eyes on them. They motivate me to explore new techniques & processes. Gemstones are an addiction I don't ever want to be cured.

Gemstones are the "soul" of my process in creating jewelry. The metal speaks to me too, but differently. Gemstones tell me the story, make my jewelry have personality. Addicted? Yes, but it's a good addiction. Yeah, my accountant may disagree but they are assets to my creative soul. I need my assets.

Recent finds that feed my addiction are found here from fellow metalsmith & Etsy seller, Barney & over here.

I can make room for this one, can't I?

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